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"Your clarity and focus is the key to becoming a World Class Champion."

- Rolando Francis

Meet Rolando Francis

Rolando Francis is an International Speaker, Award Winning Business Coach and the Founder of World Class Champions Coaching. From successfully launching two number one fitness clubs that both won national records, to leading in ministry as an apostolic trailblazer, and operating his own business ventures, Rolando has made transformational impact in the lives of hundreds of individuals all because he leaned the main ingredient to making real connections in a heartfelt way. 


There's a new World Class Champion in the world today and it's You!

I believe we are living in one of the greatest times in all of history right now. Yet, most people are sitting around waiting. They're waiting for the "right time" or they're waiting for someone to give them permission to be great.

But the truth is...

You have a purpose to serve. You have a message to share. And you have an impact to make in your family, in your community, and in the world. 

If you're a Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur, or a Consultant, then now you can stand confidently in your personal power. You can build and grow a world class brand that attracts high quality clients. And you can go out and create the life of your dreams, serve your purpose and start getting paid what you're actually worth.

Your time is now.

Let me show you how you can go from unknown to a World Class Champion!


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5 Steps On How To Build a World Class Brand that Attracts More Clients.


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